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NOTE: Our sweet wines are not syrupy-sweet like most homemade muscadine wines. They are more like the sweetness of fresh fruit!

Carlos - Semidry white wine, fruity, but not sweet; good with chicken, fish, pork; nice sipping wine for those who don’t like an extremely dry wine

Dry Carlos - our Driest white wine, good with meals; similar to Chardonnay; has a faint muscadine bouquet, yet full of flavor

Blue Bayou - memorable Sweet white wine bottled in cobalt blue; our newest addition, possibly closest in flavor to the fruit;

Southern Belledelicate Semi-Sweet white wine; a top seller; lightly sweet, but not as sweet as Sweet Magnolia, nice with fruit,

Sweet Magnolia - our Sweetest white wine; a top seller; similar to a late-harvest or dessert wine; works nicely with fruit and cheese; pour over melon balls!

Miss Scarlett - lightly Sweet rose´ wine, much like white Zinfandel, our #1 seller; wonderful with strawberries, tastes great with casseroles!

Sweet Noble - Sweet red wine; preferred by sweet wine lovers who are most concerned with their health; with a little lemon/lime soft drink, it tastes like Sangria

Natchez Rouge - dark red Semidry wine; excellent with beef, venison, hamburgers!

Dry Noble - Dry, dark red wine; perfect for those who want their wine really dry; closest of ours to Merlot

Noble Rose´ - Semisweet rose´; nice in between wine; good with spicy foods - pizza, lasagna, barbeque, great for cooking pork loin

Bayou Blush - Semidry blush; a rose´ wine for dry wine drinkers! fruity without a lot of sweetness; great with turkey, boiled shrimp, roast pork, watching a good movie!

Blueberry Thrill – Lightly sweet; Mississippi blueberry wine; use it as you would a light red wine

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