Since the introduction of New-U in January 1998, we have been inundated with testimonials from our users.

We thought New-U would help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. However, we were totally surprised by all the other ailments which New-U has helped with! Read below to find out just a few  ...

Shirley B.                           St. Louis, Missouri

"Since taking the New-U, I have had more energy, my good cholesterol (HDL) is 94 and my vision has improved so much that I am not wearing my glasses at all." (Fall 2001)


Ellen W.                       Hot Spr Village, Arkansas

"I began taking 1 New-U per day in late 1999. I made no change in diet, lifestyle, or exercise. I am not taking any lipd-lowering medications or other supplements. My baseline cholesterol has dropped from 300+ to 210, and triglycerides from 700+ to 185." (March 2001)


Etta B.                          Plaucheville, Louisiana

"I started taking New-U 6 months ago. I feel much better with my circulation. I had floaters in both eyes and macular degeneration. I went for a check-up on my eyes. I no longer have floaters and the macular degeneration is doing better. Thanks to New-U." (May 2001)


Barbara B. and daughter        Natchez, Mississippi

"Thirty years ago I broke a kneecap which has given me trouble ever since.  After two weeks of taking New-U, I noticed a big change in my knee, it was not tight feeling anymore!  It seems like my knee has been lubricated.  3 months later, I put my daughter on New-U as she has had infected toenails for 2 years. However, after 3 weeks of taking New-U she had a completely well toe for the first time." (March 1999)


Brenda M.                       Natchez, Mississippi

"I have rheumatoid arthritis. I started taking New-U 3 times a day for a week. Now I'm only taking it once a day. I've had no pain or stiffness since I started taking it and as long as I don't forget to take it!" (May 2000)


John V.                           Hammond, Louisiana

"My knees had hurt me for several years. After taking New-U pills for two weeks (3 times per day), my knees do not hurt me any more. I can not say enough good about New-U pills." (April 2001)


Pete J.                            Prairieville, Louisiana

Pete began taking New-U in January 1998. "New-U helped me with a couple of things. I've had acne all my life, and I am now free of the acne.  Plus, I feel great! I told a pharmacist friend of mine about the capsules, and he now takes them and has some of his customers taking them, particularly men with prostate problems."  (March 1999)


Louise K.                       Millington, Tennessee

Louise has an unknown condition that has affected her legs and feet. "I couldn't walk. I was put into casts and various orthopedic devices, none of which helped. In fact, my condition deteriorated so that I could not stand on my feet and walk. I began taking 3 capsules per day, but now I take 2 per day. I know that I am able to walk better now, and I'm about 1,000% better than I was. I now have excellent circulation in my feet! And, my total cholesterol has dropped from 267 to 164 within one year, with my good cholesterol higher than the bad cholesterol!" (March 1999)


Myrtle M.                         Natchez, Mississippi

A hairdresser who takes 1 capsule per day.   "I feel like I have new hands when I take New-U" otherwise she would find work very difficult due to arthritis in her hands.  (April 1999)


Ray S.                              Natchez, Mississippi

"In 1991 I decided to ride a bicycle from Natchez to Jackson on the Natchez Trace Parkway.  I injured my left knee and was in pain until the summer of 1998 when I began taking New-U.  I was real skeptical about the capsules and initially took 1 capsule only occasionally, but when I saw the good results that other people experienced from taking them regularly, I began taking 3 capsules a day.  Within a few days I could tell the difference and am now pain free in my knee." (March 1999)


Lloyd J.                                       Houston, Texas

Lloyd, a long-time high school football coach, was told that he needed knee replacement surgery after trying every imaginable non-surgical treatment and he had severe arthritis pain in his wrist. He is now pain-free in his knees and wrist as long as he takes two New-U daily. (April 1999)


Olma B.                                      Houston, Texas

Following a stroke, Olma was unable to read and her mobility was limited to using a wheelchair or walker. Her son took her some Old South muscadine wine and New-U capsules to take. Soon she began reading again and even walking! In fact, in November 1998, she walked into the Winery to show everyone how great she feels and how well she can now read! (February 1999)


Becky W.                             Natchez, Mississippi

A former realtor who had to retire due to arthritis.  After 1 week of taking 2 capsules/day she could make a fist for the first time in 2 years.  "It feels like I squirted WD-40 in all my joints!" (March 1999)


Mary & Kenneth A.              Natchez, Mississippi

Following years of insulin diabetes, Mary had difficulty controlling her blood sugar level, was exhausted most of the time, and couldn't think straight. Kenneth, her husband, bought her some New-U and she began taking 1 each morning and evening. "It made me feel real good. I was more alert, my head was clearer. It helps keep my blood sugar level even." Kenneth, a barber, also takes New-U. "I'm sure it helps the immune system. I'm around a lot of people all the time, but I haven't been sick this winter." (March 1999)


                Bobbie J.                                           Plano, Texas

Due to severe rheumatoid arthritis in her hands, Bobbie had to quit hand quilting and many other activities.  Initially, she took 2 capsules daily for two weeks, then decided to increase her dosage to 3 capsules.  After four days at the increased dosage, she could close her hand for the first time in years. (September 1998)