"The only thing better than my capsules is having a glass of Old South Wine with them!"

Dr. Scott Galbreath, Jr., D.V.M.

New-U is the product of more than 15 years of research and study by Scott O. Galbreath, Jr., D.V.M., owner of  Old South Winery.

Scott&Edeen.jpg (19105 bytes)It all started when Dr. and Mrs. Galbreath, Scott and Edeen, decided to open the Winery and specialize in muscadine wines.

Doc knew that he felt better when he regularly consumed his wines and other people began reporting the same results!

In the late 1980's following a routine physical, Scott's physician asked him about his good health and youthfulness.  Doc promptly credited his muscadine wine and Edeen's fine home cooking!

Thus began his study of the health benefits of muscadines.  Family, friends, and customers shared information they had encountered in regards to drinking wine or eating grapes & muscadines for better health. 

Tragedy struck when Edeen developed heart disease. So, Doc thought and studied more because he was determined to help his wife.  

Research had shown that the skins and seeds of muscadines have the highest concentration of nutrients that fight heart disease. Unknowingly, the Winery had discarded the best part of the muscadine for years! 

Doc began experimenting with the muscadine pomace (after the juice was removed) until he had a product in capsule form and began selling it from his winery in January of 1998.

The story continues as the Galbreaths envision other natural products that can be combined with or created from New-U!