NEW-U     Pat. No.6,190,716 B1

Made by Old South Winery - Natchez, Mississippi- USA

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New-U, muscadine seed and skin concentrate, is an all natural dietary supplement made from muscadine grapes; the highest available concentration of resveratrol, ellagic acid and many other nutrients.

100% natural, nothing artificial

No fillers


Contains powerful antioxidants/ nutrients

    resveratrol             genistein

    ellagic acid             daidzein

Contains natural anti-cancer inhibitors

Why Take New-U?

REDUCE aches and pains

LOWER cholesterol

SLOW the aging process

PROMOTE overall good health

INHIBIT the growth of cancer

Take New-U one to three times per day, preferably with meals for maximum absorption. You may also want to take Vitamins C & E along with the New-U capsule.


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Last modified: September 13, 2002